Saturday, 26 May 2018

On Theta Waves

Have you noticed? Looking at someone through compassion gives you the “low level” data - the gestalt, the deep kernel of him/her. 

It sometimes lasts several minutes before we overlay it with the mental noise, analytical layers and references. We often forget it. But this is THAT data which has all the answers and out of which we can build a context to everything else when needed.

Looking through compassion is the looking from the place where the mind can’t get. You are not seeing with your physical eyes - you simply KNOW it all. Meet this person completely - you have the whole feeling of him/ her, you know this being at the deepest and the most complete level … you don't need more information...

This is the level where you get with out-of-body or transcendent experiences, lucid dreaming, REM sleep cycle, deep meditations and most powerfully - love ... not the romantic loving... but The Love.

Compassion is the greatest place of your power...

It is like widening the aperture of a camera lens and letting more light in...recalling what we have forgotten.

©  Elin Vidoff