Saturday, 24 March 2018

Transient meaningful encounters

The moving train compartment, and in it we are. We make our way in this world that is not that predisposed for comfort and relaxation. We assist each other in making a fascinating red line on the contour map between our birth and death. This opportunity to meet once, to unite and create something new: stirring stories, haunting memories, objects of collective creativity, good deeds, provoking thoughts, whispers, fragrances, touches, hugs. We help each other to be, improve, better comprehend our life experience and just feel deeper... We are each other's kindling companions and our lives pass in pieces - segments of stages, while alternating jobs, places, relationships, continents, realities. We do not part, we just pass by, leaving a part of ourselves in the souls of others. Our final essence will always be elusive to us,  for the simple reason of our inquisitiveness. As soon as we tell ourselves "that's what I understood", at this very moment we will be asking ourselves a new question. Looking for a new inspiration. We look into each other's eyes and accept each other without words and also do not accept each other without words, as they happen to be superfluous. The doors of the compartment are opening again and we move on, next to each other. Though not by our design, we actually like it as this.

© Elin Vidoff
Not having anything around to read is dangerous: you have to content yourself with life itself, and that can lead you to take risks ( Michel Houellebecq).